What is Cuba Decide?

Cuba Decide proposes a Binding Plebiscite, a direct vote of the populace, to initiate a transition to a democracy. Cubans can accept or reject the following question:

“Do you agree with the convening of free, fair and pluralistic elections, by exercising freedom of speech and press; and organizing freely in political parties and social organizations with full plurality? Yes or No?”


Cuba Decide is a non-profit, nonpartisan, pluralistic, citizen led initiative comprised of individuals who believe in Cubans’ right to choose.

Cuba Decide believes in the principles of: truth, love, and freedom.

Cuba Decide is the step for Cubans to be able to prosper with dignity, benefit from the fruits of their labor and gain equal opportunities. Together, we can build a country where citizens can choose be happy.

Cuba is counting on you!

Why and How


Cubans continue to live deprived of a voice and democratic channels to construct an open and prosperous society. The citizen-led initiative, Cuba Decide, promotes a Binding Plebiscite and is a tool for citizens to express themselves and independently decide to move to a democratic system that respects the plurality of Cuban society. We propose this path because

1. The need for change on the island is evident. Every day, support for profound changes grows among Cubans everywhere.

2. There is a fundamental contradiction between the Declaration of Vienna adopted by the Cuban government in 1993, establishing that: “democracy is based on the freely expressed will of the people to determine their own political, economic, social and cultural systems and their full participation in all aspects of their lives” and the declaration of the economic, political, and social system as irrevocable established in the Cuban Constitution since 2002.

3. The arbitrary changes to the Cuban Constitution in 2002, the current Cuban legal system, and government repression all have undermined the minimal conditions required for open, fair, and pluralistic elections to be held. Furthermore these conditions contradict the will of more than thirty-five thousand Cubans on the island and more than thirty thousand exiled Cubans who signed in support of the Varela Project.

4. For more than 65 years Cubans have been denied the right to participate freely in elections and to define its citizens’ destiny. The absence of basic rights and self-determination has subjected the people to a life of poverty and the country to economic and social ruin. This is in addition to a mass exodus of its citizens.

The time for Cuba to decide is NOW!


For the Binding Plebiscite results to be legitimate the following conditions must be guaranteed:

1. an independent and impartial entity must be in charge of organizing the electoral process, so that votes are accounted for in a precise, fair, equitable and transparent fashion;

2. national and international representation must be present throughout every phase; and

3. the freedom to execute an electoral campaign with freedom of speech and (political) affiliation must exist. Similarly, equal access to the Cuban census, electorate, and media outlets, including those owned and operated by the Cuban government, must be allowed.

How to Help

1. Disseminate and share information about Cuba Decide with all of your friends and contacts and on social media.

2. If you are in Cuba call (5 3 5) 2 7 3 1 6 5 2 to get involved.

3. If you have friends and family in Cuba, send them information about Cuba Decide.

4. Use campaign materials (i.e. Cuba Decide t-shirt, buttons, stickers etc).

5. You may form a group that supports Cuba Decide.

6. You can support the campaign by making a monetary donation. You can make a donation by clicking here.

7. Recharge mobile phones of individuals promoting the campaign in Cuba.


Sign it!

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